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LED Full Available Parking Lots LED Display Screen For Car Parking Parking Lots Led


Products Description:


This mode of LED display (P7.62, 16x96dot with steel housing and dark- red acrylic panel) is research and design for parking management system application. As we focus on provide full set of hardware for whom doing parking system installation and/or parking system integration.


Advance of the LED display:

  1. Free SDK for help you integrate our LED display to your parking system software easy.
  2. RS485 and RS232 communication output suit most parking system application, we can also provide TCP/IP and wireless communication option.
  3. Single color (standard color option is red) design to make an economical solution, the practical value suit most requirement of the intelligent parking lots, the cost performance push every end user easy accept.
  4. Real 1.2mm steel housing with spray painting and waterproof structure design for outdoor application. Suit both indoor and outdoor project.
  5. Front dark-red acrylic panel for protect eyesight of driver and other people.
  6. The adjustable bracket (the height of the pole from 90cm to 130cm adjustable) can help you widely use for all site of parking lots.


How to choose a LED display for parking system:


Before order, please consider below questions:


What kind of mode do you need?


 What color do you want?
•Single color (1 red, 2 green, 3 yellow, 4 blue, 5 white)
•Double color (red/green, yellow/green, or others?)
•Full color?


 How many lines do you want to display?
•One line
•Two line
•Three line
•Four line


Standard communication output
RS232 standard, but support TCP/IP, USB, RS485,etc.


Why us?
•Free English SDK, and close cooperation for help you solve hardware & software problems
•Focus on parking lot or traffic LED display more than 5 years
•Factory price
•Best quality and over six hundred type.
•We provide special customized service (OEM/ODM)


• High Contrast: 4000:1
• First-class LED chip: Epistar from Taiwan
• Clear vivid image quality even in direct, full-on sunlight
• Long-term Brightness capacity throughout product lifetime
• Easy Installation & Using
• Convenient Servicing
• Source compatibility: CVBS, YC, YUV, RGB, DVI, SDI, HD-SDI, and HDMI


 Housing Specification:

Serial Name Specification
1 Housing Size 810 x 200 x 100mm
2 AC Power AC220V
3 Support Pole Height 130cm(full high)
4 Paint Work black color,not easy to fade


Technical Parameter:

Serial Name Specification
1 Pixel 7.62
2 Pixel of LED 16x96dot
3 LED semi-outdoor LED module
4 Resolution 17222dots/m2
5 LED Brightness >1000cd/m2
6 Driver for scaning 1/16
7 LED view angle 160
8 LED View Distance about 100m
9 Voltage AC11OV-240V
10 Power 5V20A or 5V40A
11 Max Power 5V40A
12 Temperature -35℃~ +85℃
13 Humidity ≤90~95%
14 Net Weight 9.5kgs
15 LED PCB Coating waterproof


Picture for reference:





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